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jaimelove's Journal

7 December
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alf, animated canvas, aol, audiogalaxy, barbie and the rockers, beach, bears, being 22, being a sick vocalist, being cooler then you, betas, bigwheels, blue, brandon, broken heart, cara, carebears, cats, cell phones, cesar, chip and dale, christmas, cooking, cool, diamonds, disney, dogs, dolpins, donald duck, downloading music, dream eighty, e.t., easter, easter bunny, ebay, edgar, ember, eyes, fire, fish, fishing, flames, fluffy, flying away from here, forbidden hair, forensic science, fraggle rock, friends, ghosts, glitter, glow in the dark, glow worm, going places, grandma, grounded for life, halloween, happy meals, hating my dad, hating pauls dad, he-man, hearts, hoodies, horses, jem, just being plain cool, kids, king of the hill, kissing, kori, laughing, leopard, live journal, livejournal, love, loving myself, luis, lunch boxes, m&m's, malcom in the middle, mayjay, missing someone, mom, money, moser, mullets, music, my birthday, my car, my computer, my little ponies, neopets, nintendo, norco neck warmers, ocean, petey, pictures, piercings, pigpig, pink, pissing alan off, plugs, pompadores, popples, punk rock, radio, reeses, richelle needs a bra, rockin it, salad cart, santa, sarah, she-ra, shoes, simpsons, slade, smiles, snow, sparkles, stained glass, stars, stinkums, stoney, strawberry shortcake, stretch armstong, stuff, stuffed animals, superman pj's, tattoos, the 70's show, the sims, the smurfs, the snorks, thunder cats, titus, tooth fairy, transformers, truth, unicorns, valentines day, wal-mart, wanting money, wanting to move, wishing on stars, writing, zebra