JaiMe RoCKS (jaimelove) wrote,

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Just got home....

Well I just got h0ome from the exciting day of working at the fair. It was pretty fcool when we actually got milk to sell. Both of the chicks that we worked with were cool. I talked to Justin for along time last night. It made me feel alot better for a while. Knowing that someone out there might want me sometime. I am sitting here alone again. I don't like it too much. I am just trapped inside my thoughts. I want to get out. Oh well. The trip is comming up soon and after that I will have a new life. I thought of a tattoo that I want to get. It will be a heart tearing away from its broken skin and it will be mended and flying away. It is my way of showing what I feel now. I am going to make this short.
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