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Long time no type

I need a fucking job!! That is all I can say. That is all that I am worried about right now. I need to be able to pay my car insurence and take care of the divorce and I will be fine! Then I can save all of my other cash! I swear it is so hard getting a fucking job. That shit sucks. I wish someone would throw one in my face like some people that I know. Oh well it will come. I need to get a tattoo my mom said she would buy me one when I got a job. That rocks and it is more of an incentive to get a job amongst other things. I have to clean the ouse up today and I can going to hang up my toys in my room. Damn drywall and plaster walls. They are hard as fuck you can't push a thumbtack into them. I am going to have to bust out the hammer and have fun haha. Oh yeah on another note I really miss Kori. She is doing bad stuff =( It makes me really sad because she is way better then that. I hope she doesn't get to the place I was at. It is not very cool. Thats all I can say about that. I need her to be here for me. Thats all. Oh yeah and speakin of bein here jdc3 is doing a damn good job of it. Well this is about the longest entry that I have made in a whole long time. Which is cool I guess. Life changes my thoughts have been fucked up lately. I don't need to see them all written down. I would rather be looking at stuff that is good and positive and shit like that. It will make a better read later on in life I think. Alright I am out. Cleaning awaits me........
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