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Fuck traffic

I just have to love that Cali traffic. Well I went to my moms for a few days it was pretty cool. Although I felt like shit one day why I was there. I had to take the back way to get up to her haouse because tehre was a big ass fire up by magic mountain. So I came back today and the traffic was fucked up again. I got home and there was a fire in Norco so the freeways was all blocked off. I was supposed to go to the orientation for working at the fiar tonight but it took me a half an hour to get from home to Parkridge. Thats fucking crazy. So Kori is just going to pick up the stuff for me and I can just take it on on the first day of work. Which will be cool. I am going to get a tattoo with some of the money that I make at the fair. The other I will just use to pay bills and what not. My trips isn't too long away I cant wait!!
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